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Scenarios for the future with kolya petrov and masha lipman. Currently, russia is on a steep trajectory towards econ. Ukraine is a reliable player in the region despite russias tendency to be involved. Russian prospects political and economic scenarios. Clifford gaddy, senior fellow, center on the united states and europe, brookings sam greene. The strategic concept and three scenarios of development 4 role of trade in attaining 2020 goals 6 the role of trade 6 integration with the west.

Panel experts have undertaken a detailed analysis of the state of the art of the russian innovation sphere and proposed recommendations on the strategic priorities for state policy, as well as on specific regulatory tools that can be implemented in the near future. Scenarios for the future of technology and international development. Russias 2014 invasion of ukraine sparked fear that its belligerence could threaten the territorial integrity of natos eastern members while. This advanced ship will be launched exclusively from vostochny. Political liberalization and institutional reforms.

Russias role in the world and in the postsoviet space, political economy, economics, the political system and political parties, elites, society and civil. Russia in 2020 brings together leading experts to analyze the possible. As the crisis begins to recede and russia starts to chart a path forward, an international team of experts has been brought together to discuss the prospects and opportunities for russias future along key vectors, including. Trends in russiachina military cooperation george c. But instead of dividing russiawatchers both at home and abroad along the usual lines, it has provoked a much more varied response. What happens if russia collapses in the near future. There are several possible trajectories depending on who is in power and if anyone is really in power, on the world oil prices, and on russias share in the world market for hydrocarbons. Roscosmos is exploring opportunities with europe of the joint venture on a perspective manned space system.

Dennis gabor the future always fascinates, attracts and scares at the same time. Scenarios for the future carnegie endowment for international peace paperback december 1, 2011. We hope they will also show that we get to decide the future of work. General provision the strategy identifies the key mechanisms, methods and means to achieve the strategic goals and priorities for sustainable development of the russian arctic the strategy is aimed at the realization of the sovereignty and national interests of the russian federation in artic and. How they can take advantage of competitive opportunities that are arising in this environment. A detailed overview of the current and future business environment in russia. This report builds on the rockefeller foundations growing body of work in the. Strategy of russia for the period up to 2020 was approved. Scenarios for the future of technology and international. The carnegie moscow center hosted number of the book.

Based on the major russian development tendencies and the chosen uncertainty axes, weve created eight future scenarios for russia in the year 2020. Russia in 2020 scenarios for the future maria lipman nikolay. How they would adapt if current circumstances deteriorate. Nobody knows what the eastern borders of the european union will look like in 2025. They should be older than 18, residents of either russia or germany, and they should be fluent in the english language to make communi cation easier.

Strategy2020 expert group and the institute of socioeconomic and political studies isepi. All scenarios are bad fatal prospects of the russian. The future of russia divergent scenarios for 202050. Great book to learn about the different analysis and possible future scenarios for russia. Russia in 2020brings together leading experts to analyze the possible scenarios for russias development in the next decade and the risks that lie ahead despite putins eminent return, the authors believe that the socalled putin era is over. Russia and eurasia nic 2020 workshopbudapest, hungary april 2004.

The scenarios show the different ways in which job functions, descriptions, work methods and what we think of as work can change. In this section, i outline three scenarios for future military cooperation between russia and china. Sustainable development is a development that can satisfy current needs, but at the same time without compromising the capabilities of future generations 5. During the implementation of the energy strategy of russia up to 2020 it was confirmed the following that its most important provisions are adequate to the real process of development in the energy sector of the country even in face of abrupt changes of external and inter. For a barrel until the end of the first half of the year and. Collins, director, russia and eurasia program, carnegie endowment for international peace speakers. In all scenarios we have made a number of general assumptions. Russia relations 2 introduction the next president will inherit a relationship with russia fraught with more tension than at any point since the cold war. Several design options of the future manned space system are being considered, bids for the best design of the next generation will be completed in the 1st quarter of 2008. The reports major conclusions must be drawn by the reader himself.

Discussion as some others have said, russia seems to be a real candidate among large countries likely to collapse next. If you are willing to be contacted in the future to help us improve our. Ukraines 2020 application for eu accession, opening the way to accession. I am using this book as a reference this semester for my course mg 221 emerging market management. Some future scenarios of russian natural gas in europe. Future scenarios for russia and the west discussed overseas. Among the key challenges identified are the increasing russian dependence on. Development scenarios of contemporary russia the future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented. The european union and the united states 8 integration with the commonwealth of independent states and china 12 wto 15 role of investment in. As vladimir putin prepares to return to the presidency in the 2012 elections, the prospects for russias future are unclear. Work 2040 scenarios for the future of work demos helsinki. Russia in 2020 brings together leading experts to analyze the possible scenarios for russias development in the next decade and the risks that lie ahead. Businesses who take a waitandsee approach when planning for inevitable regional developments will limit upside opportunity and increase the likelihood that they will lag behind better. Sustainable development goals for the future of russia.

Scenarios for the future, a book recently published in russian by the carnegie moscow center and rosspen and earlier published in english by the carnegie foundation for international peace, analyzes the potential impact of these trends. Russias national security strategy to 2020 keir giles1 introduction the publication of russias latest national security strategy in may 2009 has given rise to a wide range of commentary and interpretation. Current political trends could have a significant impact on russias future development. This corresponds to an average annual growth rate of 1. Scenarios for the russian federation world economic forum. Germany and russia in 2030 building scenarios the scenario team was composed through an open call for applications in january 20. Of course, these scenarios illustrate just a few of the possible futures that may. Mncs need to build flexible scenarios into their longrange russia plans that consider. As vladimir putin prepares to return to the presidency in the 2012 elections, the prospects for russia s future are unclear. Major changes in the region are possible over the next three to five years, yet many companies are focusing on mena without considering its future direction. The scenarios create opportunities for action and choice, and help conceptualize why work is important. Scenarios for the future analyzes the potential impact of these trends. Scenarios for the future published on nov 21, 2011 while vladimir putin is unlikely to give up power any time soon, the political and economic system he created is incapable of. Russia in 2020 brings together leading experts to analyze the possible scenarios for russias development in the next decade and the risks that lie ahead despite putins eminent return, the authors believe that the socalled putin era is over.

Tatiana parkhalina, the president of association for euroatlantic integration, the member of the european dialogue coordinating board, made a report russia and the west in the context of the ukrainian crisis at the russianus conference organized by the harriman institute at columbia university with collaboration of mgimo and imemo. Thinking about the future, we may experience not just anxious feelings, caused by. Some experts note that china, russia, india, turkey, iran, and others are seeking to carve out a new space for themselves in the newly emerging international system, as the united states is struggling to redefine its place and identity in the new world oxford research group, january 2. National projects are expected to contribute about 0. If you are not a current subscriber to scenario or a member of the copenhagen institute for futures studies, then subscribe or get in touch with us here. This is just a sneak peek from morganes feature in scenario 05. Today there is growing animosity between russia and the westeurope, britain and the united states. While vladimir putin is unlikely to give up power any time soon, the. Available national programmes or funds that could provide support to russian horizon 2020 participants horizon 2020 is fully open to the participation of entities from across the world in all parts of the programme, and many topics are flagged as being specifically relevant for cooperation with partners from outside. The russia2010 scenarios provide a framework for macrolevel drivers in the future of russia. Putin starts reforming the system to minimize risks of transfer of power.

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