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The compatibility of each desalination process with the solar technology is driven by whether the kind of energy needed is thermal or electrical, as well as its availability. Such systems could potentially serve offgrid arid coastal areas to provide an efficient, lowcost water source. Desalination with free circulation of air, proceedings i99i solar world congress. Solar desalination for domestic applicationsmehdi n. Solar desalination free download as powerpoint presentation. Overview of village scale, renewable energy powered desalination. Heat transfer equations governing the operation of basin type solar stills are given, and. However, desalination is an energyintensive process and most of the worlds plants. Pdf evaluation of solar powered desalination processes. Water desalination technologies utilizing conventional and. Solar powered desalination has been the focus of great interest recently worldwide. Solar desalination systems are classifi ed into direct and indirect processes depending on the energy path to fresh water.

An introduction to solar technologies, including the principle of operation, is a prerequisite examining the existing and potential role of solar power in desalination. It has the poten tial to make a significant contribution to providing humans with fresh water using a renewable, free and environmentally friendly. The same molten salts can also be utilized as transfer fluids, replacing. This thesis explores renewable energypowered desalination technologies and.

Solar power technologies for desalination duke computer science. Pdf solar powered desalination has been the focus of great interest recently worldwide. Citescore values are based on citation counts in a given year e. Water desalination is becoming a costeffective solution to combat water scarcity in various areas of the planet. In this chapter, the use of solar powered thermal desalination will be discussed comprehensively. A completely passive solar powered desalination system developed by researchers at mit and in china could provide more than 1. With solar irradiation ample in regions that heavily rely on desalination, solar powered desalination provides a sustainable solution to meeting water needs. Solar powered desalination technology, energy and future. The md process requires that the feed water should be free of organic.

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