Musselcracker bait presentation for sharks

Ive caught all my fish this season on redbait while trying for gallies or black mussel trying to get a blacktail so go figure last edited on wed sep 12th, 2018 05. We hope you find it useful in identifying your catch and planning your trip. The bait test choosing the right bait for your target species. An expedition crew hauled upand releasedthe biggest great white shark yet caught, a team said in may. Musselcracker, bream, zebra, kob, blacktail and occasionally galjoen can be caught on this bait to name a few. Shore angling massive musselcracker catch cook south africa.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. White mussel this is another bait which is great for edibles, but hard to collect. Squid chokka this is the best all round bait and if you are looking to only have one bait in your cooler box, this would have to be the bait. I have caught a few juveniles in the past of wich the largest one were about 70 cm. Shark baiting is a procedure where the water is baited by chumming with fish or other materials attractive to sharks. These fish put up one hell of a fight on light tackle and their elusiveness makes it even more rewarding to puzzle out a. A guide to the fish you are most likely to catch cape town. Musselcracker fishing was so popular throughout the 20th century that it resulted in severe population decline of the species in the last 30 years. The great white shark is an opportunist feeder and will rarely turn away a free meal.

You can wade out to the third sand bar and cast as far as you can in the green water and then walk your pole back to the beach and sit and wait. Watch out for the musselcracker bait and some more shad rigs too. I often also catch dog sharks, barbel eel, the odd baardman mussel cracker and steenbrass using mussel worm so it is safe to say most fish will eat them. The reason being that except for very large fish that will inhale larger baits whole, most fish will either choose to bite the bait fishes tail, belly or head. Bull sharks have also been encountered in fresh water river systems and have even been recorded as far as 4000 km from the ocean during migration up the mighty amazon river. Using a bait knife you can remove your limit of 6 per person per day daily bait limit per day with a bait permit. Was targeting cob at daybreak when the cracker took my pillie bait. Both the medium and heavy outfits are suitable for this application. Only 5 alikreukels may be collected by hand per day and not smaller then 63. In australia several important food species are known as snappers and belong to the genus chrysophrys. How to select a circle hook sport fishing magazine. Bait fish presentation and simulation takes only a little more care and sometimes a few more hooks. Other baits although not commonly used musselcracker have been known to take artificial baits rapala etc, and obviously give a good account of themselves.

A wire grapnel sinker is essential, because in order to slide a big bait out, one needs to have a fixed point at the end of your line this allows your mainline to become tightened, which allows the slide to. For more than five minutes, the sharks were observed. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term shark bait from the lyrics. Black musselcracker poenskop education events diving. They use these teeth to crush starfish, sea urchins, crabs and. Sharks are predators, meaning that youve got to throw something tasty and bloody in the water to get them going. Bull sharks prefer warm, murky, inshore, tropical waters and estuary systems with depths of around 30 meters or less with large numbers of bait fish present. I decided to make a short video of my favorite type of beach fishing. They maintain a balance in populations of prey species and keep the ocean healthy by removing ill or diseased animals.

In particular, ive covered saltwater swimbaits that come out of the package prerigged with hook, weight and soft plastic. I have seen some monsters being landed there and this has started my quest. With that being said, artificial lures can catch many species. The most common bait used in fishing for sharks is usually jackfish, mackerel, mullet, whiting, sandtrout, or ladyfish, though different regions often will have specific bait fish local to the area that the sharks are used to hunting. Only 50 mud, sand or swimming prawns, 20 pencil bait may be collected per day by hand and a suction pump or inverted tin. Musselcracker, bream, zebra, kob, blacktail and occasionally galjoen can be. To catch fish, requires good presentation of premium bait, and good bait presentation relies on the angler rigging the right way, choosing a sharp hook to suit the bait, and then putting the bait on the hook in a way that is naturally attractive to the fish. Qs and articles bait presentations musselcracker bait presentation top. Lets face it, it would be very unlikely to catch a great hammerhead on a fly, but many species can be targeted on a fly, and especially using a variety of artificial lures. Carolina sells specimens, dissecting kits, and dissection manuals. Wesley peens baits up to target a specific species and delves into different bait presentations that work for different species of fish. Also known as the black musselcracker and poenskop seabream, this south african fish has seen better times. The karanteen, also known as the strepie in reference to the yellowgolden horizontal stripes running along its body, is a superb bait fish that one can easily obtain.

Its fair to say i have caught more musselcracker, one of my favourite angling and eating fish than any other bait rig. Shark baits and how to present them post by patrys. Optimal bait selection texas saltwater fishing magazine. Bait presentations general angling topics sealine south african angling and boating community. The hook is threaded through the bait and tied on with fine cotton. Deadly whole mussel bait for musselcracker the whole mussel bait is my goto bait when targeting musselcracker brusher in kzn from the shore. Hey guys im trageting cracker so i want to know whats the best bait presentation when putting rock crab or crayfish on the hook cant wait thank you in advance. Only 6 chitons may be collected per day and only by hand. Best baits for saltwater fish from the shore in south africa. Tourists remain inside a sharkproof cage while tour guides bait the waters to attract sharks for the tourists to observe. How to catch mussel cracker using red crab secret trick youtube. And kob, sandsharks, musselcracker and ragged tooth sharks love this fish when it is used as a live bait.

A hardy baitfish, such as a blue runner or jack, can handle a thickergauge hook without killing the bait. Im having a bit of a problem with net connectivity at the moment, so have a backlog of outstanding work, so these may take a while. With balanced bait you can put a piece of foam on the hook, and when the lead hits the bottom the foam will keep the rig up and clear of the lead. Sand prawns are probably the single best bait in the sea when fishing for edible fish along the entire south african coastline. I ordered a spiny dogfish shark from a biological supply company, carolina biological supply. I dont think it will make a big difference on which eye you tie your bait unless you have a bad swivel. He manages to find his target and lands a beautiful sand shark. As trophy hunting for great white sharks is illegal now in many parts of the world, almost all of the great white sharks that are caught are tagged and released as, in my opinion, they should be. The bait container was originally made out of rigid plastic pipe, but was not able to withstand the teeth of a big black musselcracker as seen in the youtube video. Crabs, venus ear, alikreukel, redbait, white mussels, sand prawns and limpets are all good bait, but crabs and venus ears are by far the most popular.

How to catch a mussel cracker alikreukel giant turban bait. It is found in coastal rocky areas to depths of 80 m 260 ft, and feeds on hardshelled invertebrates such as crabs and sea urchins. The black musselcracker cymatoceps nasutus is a south african species of marine fish in the family sparidae. Overfishing has reduced many shark populations around the world to levels that. Presentation about shark conservation project aware. Brian mentioned musselcracker due to the way it was fighting, and with about a 2kg drag, it looked to be a long and anxious haul. They are an important resource supporting local economies through fishing and as an attraction to dive tourists. Apache is the biggest great white shark male tagged by fisher team. Bait fish are abundant in this green water and so are the sharks. Baits how to bait up a crab for brusher musselcracker.

Given growing interest in the species amongst bay anglers, here are a few tips about bait presentation to improve your chances of. Think natural prey but also think about presentation and how it is rigged. When the foam dissolves, because the bait is so well balanced, it sinks very slowly, and will fall away from the lead, laying the link out straight as it settles. Below is a guide to the fish you could normally expect to catch around cape town with the bait that is most preferred by local anglers. It is expensive to purchase, but generally worth it. Durban a photograph of two durban fishermen with a haul of 10. In general, anglers should try to use the smallest hook they can get away with. Take all of these things in consideration and you will be in good shape. So much so that the iucn classifies it as a vulnerable species. Asfn 2017 bait sardine body bait for shad aka bluefish. Black mussel a general good bait for fishing off the rocks it can be used in its shell or without its shell. Nowadays venus ear siffie is not permitted to be used as bait, but alikreukel is a good substitute.

Thanks guys,i really want to catch a decent one when down at witsands during my holiday in january. Baits long distance casting bait for shad duration. Basic live bait trace live baiting is an effective method when fishing for predators such as garrick. A fresh karanteen fillet will rival any fish bait when fishing from the shore. Catfish baits what is the right cut bait presentation. For information on best places to go fishing in and around cape town view our article. Anything can be caught on chokka from small fish to decent edibles to big sharks and flatfish.

I have not see or heard of musselcracker taking spoons, but i can see no reason why they shouldnt. Bait has been discussed tooo much, but honestly buy one of nickie louwrens books or the other great bait guides aroundthey show you all the presentations. Hi franna, will you share your saddleback bait presentation in detail. Sealine south african angling and boating community general angling topics sealine f. Top musselcracker fish recipes and other great tasting recipes with a healthy slant from sparkrecipes. Sharks are amazing fish that have been around since long before the dinosaurs existed. Let it be known that freezerburned bait is a huge turnoff for sharks. Great white shark caught, tagged, released for science. Black mussel a general good bait for fishing off the rocks.

The art of sliding sliding for sharks, flatfish, inedibles and big edibles 3 sinkers. Most often, the weight is internal, molded inside the softplastic baitfish, and the softplastic bait itself features a shadstyle tail. Exclusive distributors of top brands of imported fishing tackle to speciality tackle dealers throughout southern africa and namibia. Listed below are the best baits, in my opinion, for certain species of fish. These fish put up one hell of a fight on light tackle and their elusiveness. The majority of sharks are most effectively caught on natural bait. The best bait in the world is usually the freshest. Eventually, after a good 15 minute fight, renske popped up this beautiful musselcracker poenskop, black steenbras. Remember, we had jarda on the hammer still, so crossed lines and burnoffs were on the cards. Black musselcrackers have powerful jaws with a set of impressive teeth four coneshaped teeth in the upper jaw and six in the lower jaw, as well as two rows of rounded molars in each jaw. How to fish swimbaits in saltwater sport fishing magazine. Tucked blood or figure eight knots are suitable for this trace. Take your 80 100 hook and stick it through the mouth and out at the back of the. I have successfully used this bait to catch white musselcracker.

They can smell and taste very small concentrations of your catfish bait when it dissolves in the water. With any kind of fishing, make sure your target species is able to ingest the hook and bait, says gray. Musselcracker bait presentation bait presentations. Black musselcracker, geelbek and shark at st francis bay duration.

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