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A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another by electromagnetic induction transformer. Pdf a single phase transformer equivalent circuit for. Construction and principle of operation of singlephase transformer, emf equation, singlephase autotransformer. A single phase transformer has 480 turns on the primary winding and 90 turns on the secondary winding. To measure the single phase power by using three voltmeter method. Short circuit and open circuit test in single phase transformer.

The phase diagram of line voltages on the primary side, v. Cable and transformer sizing based on design load of largest phase. Apparatus apparatus functionality ac analog voltmeter a type of pointer instrument that measures voltage in circuits with alternating. Load flow and voltage drop through each 1phase, 2phase, and 3phase. Connected, demand and design load analysis for each phase. To determine regulation and efficiency of a single phase transformer by open circuit o. Polarity test and sumpners test on single phase transformers. Electrical machines for mechatronics laboratory 2 8 shortcircuit test introduction in the short circuit test, the secondary terminals of the transformer are shortcircuited, and the primary terminals are connected to fairly. Transformer cant stepup or stepdown the level of dc voltage or dc current. Variable ac source the labs variable ac source shown in figure 4.

As compared to a bank of singlephase transformers, the main advantages of a 3 phase. Experiments for first year electrical engg lab 201516. The lab setup for the opencircuit test is similar to that of the shortcircuit test. But these days, the latter is gaining popularity because of improvement in design and manufacture but principally because of better acquaintance of operating men with the threephase type. The threephase system application means using three single phase units connected in the threephase system. Consider the scott connection of two singlephase transformers with turns ratio n1.

The single phase transformer contains two windings, one on primary and the other on the secondary side. Load test on singlephase transformer and three phase transformers. The singlephase transformer that you will be using in this lab experiment has several taps both on the primary side and the secondary side. Open circuit and short circuit tests on single phase transformer. This transformer will also be used in the next part of the experiment, so leave the connections intact when the present part is. Single phase transformers are used in power supplies and other equipment to convert ac voltages and currents from one value to another. The maximum value of the magnetic flux density is 1. Separation of noload losses in single phase transformer. This experiment characterizes a singlephase transformer by finding its equivalent circuit parameters.

Theory of operation of singlephase transformers custom. Sistece 2 coil 1 i1t i2t coil 2 m e1t e2t s1 s2 i1t i2t the transformer primary has n1 turns secondary has n2 turns v2 3. Identi cation of the transformer vector group is very important for connecting three phase transformers in parallel. The transformer is housed in a thin sheet metal box open at both ends through which air is blown from the bottom to the top. Transformers are critical for providing electrical isolation which is necessary for the safe operation of many laboratory instruments and medical devices. To connect three singlephase transformers in astardeltayd1, yd11 bstarstaryy6 and. Determination of efficiency and voltage regulation open circuit test and short circuit test on single phase transformer 3. They are mostly used in the singlephase electrical power system. Ptw unbalanced single phase studies benefits design better systems where singlephase distribution and unbalanced conditions. A transformer is a static apparatus used to transform a. Part ii measuring net flux in the transformer core with r load attached describe the wave shapes observed during part2 of the experiment. A singlephase transformer with a 2kva rating has a. Steps to drawing the equivalent circuit diagram for a single phase transformer.

To determine the efficiency and regulation of a single phase. To measure single phase power by using three ammeter method. Turn on the power and adjust the voltage control to obtain the linetoline voltage e s equals 200v. Three phase transformer normally, when threephase is required, a single enclosure with three primary and three secondary. Figure 149 air can circulate around and through the windings of a large, drytype transformer. The advantages of using a buckboost transformer over an equivalent. This makes the transformer versatile in terms of turns ratio and hence in output voltages and currents. Understand transformer principles, connections, polarity, and power efficiency.

Based on the phase relation between primary and secondary voltages, the vector group of the transformer is determined. To setup for the opencircuit test, remove the shortcircuit wire on the transformer. Single phase transformer and applications of single phase. Comment on the frequency, phase, and any distortion of these waveforms. Transformer operates when both circuits take effect of mutual induction. Electrical machines for mechatronics laboratory 3 7 procedures using the lab equipments shown in figure 3. This refers to the magnetic flux produced by the primary winding. Connect a resistive load to the series combination of the 115v terminals of the tested transformer as shown in figure 3. It is commonly used to lower long distance signals for both lightcommercial and residential electronic devices. These equivalent circuits can be simply simulated in any. The working characteristics of a shelltype transistor in noload circuiting condition and short circuit condition are also expected to be tested and understood. Transformer only stepup or stepdown the level of ac voltage or ac current.

Use e 1 to measure the winding voltages and record the results. Single phase transformer free download as powerpoint presentation. Video lecture on problem 1 on open circuit test and short circuit test on transformer of chapter single phase transformer of subject basic electrical. The singlephase transformer is an electronic component that operates on a singlephase alternating current, as the voltage cycle occurs within a unified time phase. In this method, a resistive load is connected to the transformer and its loaded up to the rated current. Make measurements using singlephase and threephase electrical hookups. Remember that we also varied the input primary voltage. To perform short circuit test on a single phase transformer. This is direct loading method and can be applied to transformers with a rating less than 5kva. Three phase connection of singlephase transformers.

Determine the primary and secondary fullload currents of the trans. The winding that takes electrical power, and produces magnetic flux when it is connected to an electrical source. Experiments for first year electrical engg lab 201516 dept of electrical engineering, shri ramdeobaba college of engineering and management, nagpur 4400 india page 4 on lhs by hand with pencil experiment no. Study of starters and 3phase transformers connections total. Open circuit test and short circuit test on transformer. Electrical machines for mechatronics laboratory 2 2 thus 2 1 2 1 n n v v a 2. It consists of singlephase transformer, variac and lamp bulb connected in series with the. In this paper, two simplified and accurate equivalent circuits of single phase, two winding transformer under ttf condition are proposed. To study the vi characteristics of an incandescent lamp. The city university of new york new york city college of technology department of.

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