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To earn arrt certification and registration in this discipline, youll use our postprimary eligibility pathway. Full content bundle includes open world practice area and full length ct registry mockpractice exams which can be taken infinite times for practice. Applied to arrt for certification and received your candidate status report. Evidence of competency in ct can be demonstrated by completing the requirements for certification in computed tomography offered by the american registry of radiologic technologists arrt. Each course within cttechbootcamp is comprised of our unique and engaging videolessons, digital workbooks, assessments with answer. If you are not a member of the snmmi, contact them at 7037089000 or. Circle of willis cerebral arterial cir circle of willis cerebral arterial cir. Arrts clinical experience requirements for ct and mri.

This has become a required credential for employment in many facilities. Ask around and chances are youll find a few of the thousands of other imaging professionals who have already come to us for their own education. Its purpose is to help you master the disciplinespecific knowledge youll need to obtain your credential. The arrt has adopted a set of clinical experience requirements which must be met before a technologist is eligible to sit for the arrt computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging exam after january 1, 2003. Partnership program with radcomm covering over 40 hours. Two of those requirements are to demonstrate your competence in an arrt specified list of clinical procedures clinical competency requirements and complete relevant coursework didactic. Cttechbootcamp is structured and developed from a working ct instructor who uses the same content to prepare his students for the arrt ct registry exam. With the rapid advancements of technology in the medical field, it is vital to stay abreast of it through assessments and certification. Handbooks american registry of radiologic technologists. Radiology continuing education course for asrt ce credits, nuclear medicine ce credits, mri ceus, mammography ce, limited xray ce, category a credits for certified radiologic technologists. Two of those requirements are to demonstrate your competence in an arrtspecified list of clinical procedures clinical competency requirements and complete relevant coursework didactic. All questions within our exam prep tool match the formatting and style of the arrt registry exam and provide detailed answer feedback with explanations. When pursuing a credential using the postprimary pathway, you must complete 16 hours of structured education. This same format has been used by the author for over 30 years with a 99% pass rate.

The american registry of radiologic technologists arrt is a leading credentialing organization that recognizes qualified individuals in medical imaging, interventional procedures, and radiation therapy. This requires, among other things, that you already hold arrt. Our content specifications identify the topics our exams cover. For more information, please visit the arrt covid19 update page. This ct program is designed in accordance to the arrt structured education requirements to help build fundamental knowledge and practical skills.

Honestly, i did better on the registry than the mock tests. Structured education cqr radiology continuing education. Clinical experience requirements american registry of. Continuing qualifications requirements cqr for the arrt. Radtechbootcamp is the most powerful solution for those preparing for the american registry of radiologic technologists arrt certification exam. Computed tomography american registry of radiologic. American society of radiologic technologists catalog. These courses are based on the arrt ct registry exam postprimary pathway requirements outlined by the american registry of radiologic.

Interactive study guides, l oads of other practice content in anatomy, physics, patient care and procedures to prepare you for the ct registry exam. Computed tomography training for technologists mtmi. Clinical medical physicists have an important role to play in supporting facilities seeking. The american registry of radiologic technologists arrt is the worlds largest credentialing organization that seeks to ensure high quality patient care in radiologic technology. Pulse radiology education, llc is a new york based online radiology school that is both an mri school and computed tomography training program. Arrt radunits radiology xray continuing education ce. Explore and learn basic mri principles and build knowledge to sit confidently for the arrt mri registry oh yeah, clinical training included. Get all 24 ce credits for the arrt in only 1 or 2 courses.

Make sure youre prepared for the arrt ct exam for computed tomography exam. Computed tomography ct is described as an imaging procedure that uses special xray equipment to create detailed scans of areas inside the body. Nmtcb pet exam nuclear medicine technology certification. The cttechbootcamp online computed tomography training resource is comprised of five 5 individual courses. Structured education is a vital component of certification and registration using the postprimary pathway. Examination content specifications american registry of. Our arrt certification exam prep question bank covers all radiographic topics and categories outlined within the arrt radiography registry handbook. The primary purpose of arrt examinations is to assess the knowledge and cognitive skills that entrylevel technologists typically need to perform their jobs. We offer certification and registration in a wide range of disciplines, helping people who work in medical imaging and radiation therapy to.

Arrt radiography certification exam prep radtechbootcamp. Before you can apply for certification and registration using the primary pathway or the r. These courses are based on the arrt ct registry exam postprimary pathway requirements outlined by the american registry of radiologic technologists arrt. Clinical experience is an important step on the postprimary pathway to obtaining an arrt credential. As experts in medical imaging, we know how to teach it very effectively. Continuing education requirements allows every medical practitioner to sharpen their knowledge and skills and ultimately provide the best quality care to the patients the american registry of radiologic technologists has taken a radical step in this matter.

Find an approved class that meets your schedule and needs, and then apply for oec scholarship through your registry account to cover the tuition, fees, and books for the class. If you are the designated director and need this class to meet oec licensing regulations. Before scheduling an examination appointment, you must have already. Written in outline format this easytofollow text covers the four content areas on the exam. These courses are based on the arrt ct registry postprimary pathway requirements outlined by the american registry of radiologic technologists arrt.

The intersocietal accreditation commission iac accepts the successful completion of nmtcb specialty examinations as a continuing education waiver for nuclear medicine technologists. To successfully complete your clinical experience requirements, you must perform and document a specific number of clinical procedures the activities depend on your discipline. The purpose of arrt certification and registration in computed tomography is to recognize individuals who are qualified to perform the role of a computed tomographer. All content is uptodate and follows the 20182019 arrt postsecondary pathway for computed tomography guide book. Our respiratory therapy ceus are approved by the aarc.

We guarantee you will pass the arrt or nmtcb exam in ct, or we will refund your tuition. Opportunities for ct technologists have grown as a result. Cttechbootcamp pricing page computed tomography arrt. Category a credits for your arrt ce requirements, also accepted by nmtcb, ardms, sdms, every us state and territory, canadian province, and all other radiologic technologist, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound technologist registries in north america for both. The course is intended for technologists who need an effective way to prepare for, and pass, the ct certification exam. Test your understanding of this concept by taking the quiz below and acing that upcoming final exam. I took the arrt and this book wasnt useful for any of it. The technology of computed tomography has made significant strides in the past several years.

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