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Under solvency ii, every insurer is required to identify its key risks e. They need to stay focused on investment management and often dont have the timeor the toolsto generate the intricate data needed for solvency ii. The proposed method is simple, relies on publicly available data, and is consistent with the var approach underlying solvency ii. The own fund statistics provide an extract of key data items from the solvency ii. The solvency ii regulatory framework has different layers at supranational level. The central bank of ireland uses this data to deliver an effective, intrusive, analytical. Solvency ii4 solvency ii time line on april 22, 2009, the european parliament approved the solvency ii framework directive, due to become effective january 1, 20. Cch tagetik helped us become compliant with solvency ii regulations and create one main source for reporting. Practical approaches to implementation was published by riskbooks in october 2014 and focuses on the practical aspects of solvency ii and its actual implementation. The european council announced this month, june 21, 2011, a proposal to delay implementation of solvency ii to january 1, 2014, subject to european parliament approval. We published templates a and b as required under article 312 of the solvency ii directive. Enhancing the macroprudential dimension of solvency ii february 2020 executive summary 6. Template b for the disclosure of aggregate statistical data with regard to insurance groups supervised under directive 20098ec. Practical implementation challenges of internal models under.

The solvency ii directive 20098ec regulatory compliance framework has put in place a robust three pillar approach for the regulation of insurance and reinsurance undertakings undertakings operating throughout the european union eu. The data quality requirements apply to all data used in the internal model, i. The solvency ii directive is the first insurance regulation to introduce strict requirements for data management. Directive 20098ec of the european parliament and of. The impact of solvency ii on data management in insurance consequently, data is an important and wideranging topic in solvency ii.

Solvency ii directive articles 36, 45 and 246 delegated acts articles 262 and 306 eiopa guidelines on own risk and solvency assessment domestic actuarial regime and related governance requirements under solvency ii published by the cbi sections 2. Our hope is that this guide is an effective help to understand and make others understand the pillars of the new system and the concepts that it adopts. This framework consists of the solvency ii directive 20098ec, the delegated acts containing implementing rules for solvency ii, and the associated technical standards. Indeed eiopa requires a data quality management framework and policy to be in. Solvency ii, the practical implications for asset managers. This page contains templates for the disclosure of aggregate statistical data with regard to undertakings and groups supervised under directive 20098ec. Further insights into our reserving policy and solvency ii. Solving the data challenges of solvency ii moodys analytics.

The solvency ii handbook deloitte financial services. Solvency ii reporting is required every quarter and annually. Directorategeneral for internal policies of the union pe 629. Guidance solvency ii data quality management by insurers we have observed the following good practices with respect to drawing up and implementing data quality policy and data governance structures. Solvency ii also requires a strong data management strategy, plus a strong data quality and data governance strategy. In light of market developments the current system is no longer adequate. The solvency ii consolidated data the data included in accordance with method 1 does not include the entities that are included in the group solvency calculation in accordance with method 2 us life insurance entities, bermuda, japan, mexico and brazil. It is therefore necessary to introduce a new regulatory. Regulation 201535eu the socalled delegated acts a second level measure, containing detailed measures on the new regime, recently amended by eu delegated regulation 2016467. Cro guide to solvency ii reinsurance thought leadership. Providing data that is clean and ready for solvency ii reporting is simply not an asset managers core competency. The complexity of the data quality and reporting requirements raises a large number of data challenges for insurance firms and their allied asset managers.

Solvency ii is being implemented in 2016 and the new ifrs will follow 2 to 3 years later. What are internal models and how do they fit into solvency ii. Introduction to solvency ii tim edwards gavin dunkerley 24th september 2008 introduction the primary purpose of this presentation is to explain what solvency ii is and why it is important we also hope to challenge the way you think about your personal role within your firm, the role of actuaries within your firm, and the role of the. The purpose of the guidelines is to adopt a consistent and convergent approach to solvency ii preparation across europe and to mitigate the risk that supervisors will adopt their own approaches at a national level. Using solvency ii to implement ifrs 17 pwc 3 measurement model both solvency ii and ifrs 17 base the measurement of insurance contract liabilities on the concepts of a probabilityweighted estimate of the future cash flows, the time value of money and an additional allowance for risk. Cbi solvency ii matters 7 may consultation open until 19 june. However, that is not always evident in the current proposals. The deadlines for reporting are challenging and get tighter each year during the transition period. Solvency ii templates for the disclosure of aggregate statistical data yearend 2017. The tables and charts are available in pdf and excel format and are based on information from the statistics at the publication date. The solvency ii directive requires that insurance and reinsurance.

It is important to ensure that the data policy or expert judgement policy. Furthermore, data is directly targeted by solvency ii, as it is required to be accurate, complete and appropriatenot to mention traceable. This should include a documented record of what is meant making sense of solvency ii the countdown to solvency ii is moving to a decisive stage. The system enables us to control and manage the full process of nonfinancial, financial, and consolidated data from local gaap to solvency ii, in a way consistent with our goals and principles. Undertakings are required to have a deferred taxes policy under the risk management system. Future policyholder behaviour, such as the likelihood of policy lapse, ought to be. Establish a data policy which sets out the entitys approach to. Solvency ii requirements apply to all data 10 november 2014 policy data demographic data market data asset data liability cash flow model experience investigations assumptions esgsrsgs capital model solvency ii requirements apply to all data. Solvency ii adjusted services and products to overcome the regulatory burden and to gain new market share. Solvency ii regulation is pushing hard to improve data quality and data governance data quality the solvency ii regulation highlights the importance of data quality. Solvency ii two segments of reserves in our balance sheet 1 life and health,048 nonlife hannover re 11,182. Solvency ii is the new riskbased regulatory framework for insurers taking effect on 1 january 2016. Commission implementing regul ation eu 20152450 of 2 december 2015 laying down implementing technical st andards with regard to the templates for the submission of. Eiopa publishes statistics based on quantitative solvency ii reporting from.

The new solvency ii regulatory framework has been widely labelled as a data nightmare for insurance and reinsurance undertakings insurance firms, and rightly so. Analysis of end2018 solvency ii data indicates that during times of stress, when repo markets might not allow the quick transformation of highquality. Solvency ii data requirements focus on ensuring that data used to calculate technical provisions are. Clearwater helps insurers fulfill solvency ii regulatory requirements across the three pillars. The original bestselling solvency ii handbook, published in 2009, focused on the theory with a detailed examination of the main requirements and impacts of solvency ii to. The amount of information to be reported under solvency ii is a significant increase. Solvency ii has introduced a new set of reporting challenges and requirements for european insurance companies, including an increased level of reporting, enhanced risk disclosures, deeper data granularity, and additional security characteristics. The solvency ii structure is based on three pillars. Where possible, you can use existing data quality management standards, for example dama dmbok.

According to art 73 of the eiopa regulation referring to language arrangements, eiopa issues its guidelines in all eu official languages with the exception of irish, according to council regulation eu no 12572010. From its perspective, the naic sees itself as a standardsetting organization through which the individual states can exercise their specific regulatory authorities. Smaller companies who started later are now in the phase of finalising their solvency ii projects. Moreover, insurers have to make sure that the external data required to compute and report the solvency capital requirements i. With basel ii, we learned we need robust data management to get data in and manage it for calculations. On 1 january 2016, the solvency ii regulatory regime came into force for insurers across the european union eu. Framework directive 20098eu, introducing the essential principles of the new regime. Processed data as per solvency guidelines should be available in the database in the required format for the reports to generate. Solvency regulation 3 as a quasigovernmental entity that exercises too much influence. Template a for the disclosure of aggregate statistical data with regard to insurance and reinsurance undertakings supervised under directive 20098ec solvency ii.

The proposed data queries pertaining to distribution channels are particularly questionable with regard to their intent and purpose. Three major consultation papers cp 33, 43 and 60, crossreferencing each other, provide directives on data quality, especially for technical provisions, model designs and. Oracle insurance solvency ii analytics solution is deployed and configured. Enhancing the macroprudential dimension of solvency ii. For solvency ii this data is defined by the final reporting template. Analysis of all solvency ii data is performed on an aggregated and individual undertaking basis. Ice solvency ii data support is a combination of high quality reference and pricing data, coupled with proven analytics, can help your firm manage the transition to solvency ii and maintain ongoing compliance. Solvency ii technical provisions for general insurers institute and. Pillar i covers quantitative requirements relating to capital rules and investment rules, and will also require data needed to calculate the solvency. Data points with the data type monetary shall be reported in the reporting currency, which requires the conversion of.

Data quality management is therefore set to be an ongoing and. Data quality management is an integrated part of operational management and is embedded as a formal function within the organisation. Given this situation, all data queries from the supervisory authority should serve a clear supervisory purpose in future. While aware of the inevitable applicative difficulties and areas for improvement, solvency ii provides new and more focused lenses to. Guidance solvency ii data quality management by insurers. Getting up to speed solvency ii data and systems 5 key activity and regulatory driver key features of successful data workstreams common issues for struggling data workstream data scoping and prioritization eiopa advises compiling a directory of data used in the internal model, and applying the principle of proportionality when considering data. For many nonlife insurers, the solvency ii data requirements pose. Larger companies are making progress but are still interested in hearing the views and learning from the experience of others. The requirements apply to both internal and external data.

The user privileges to view and edit reports have to be set by the administrator. Solvency ii sets out regulatory requirements for insurance firms and groups, covering financial resources, governance and accountability, risk assessment and management, supervision, reporting and public disclosure. Solvency ii templates for the disclosure of aggregate. Although solvency ii is not a macroprudential framework, it contains several elements that may have financial stability impact. The countdown to solvency ii is moving to a decisive stage. Insurance regulation and the challenge of solvency ii. Solvency ii does not require this level of granularity in the tracking of movement and so additional data storage and model development are required. The impact of solvency ii on data management in insurance. Best practices for solvency ii readiness and seamless data. Internal model validation a solvency ii perspective. Survival skills for senior management in a solvency ii world.

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